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 Entry Log 00241A

This temple as the natives call it is nothing of the sort. I have seen this before. It is a tomb. A monolith from an age long before the imperium. Perhaps before man or the emporer himself ever walked the mortal coil. What wonders will we find?… I do so hope it is more interesting that the Tau they have had me tinkering with.


Entry Log 01561S

While only having half a corpse would ordinarily prove to be a problem, it has actually proved to be a problem in a different sense. It's still alive. Regrowing. Regenerating. Rebuilding. Fascinating, truly amazing. I must find out how it works, how it repairs itself no matter how great or small the damage. The Tau may be sentient robots but these… these marvels are on a whole different level. They are living beings. Or perhaps, they are unliving beings? I must know more


Entry 182349B

I'm nearly there. I can feel his gaze though. Staring at me. Wearing through me. What we do displeases the emporer. Xenos. Heretics. All of us! But the power. Oh how marvelous the power these creatures wield can truly be! I've begun looking into their armaments, and the destructive power they are capable. The inquisition are fools for not allowing us to harness such things.


Entry 459213D

It's been 6 months since the first excursion into the tomb. Servitor Aimes made great strides in understanding and decoding the "Necron", as we've come to call it, technology. However, 3 weeks ago, the madness took him and lord Horthgar ordered Code 66. As his right hand, I am reviewing and closing out these logs. Perhaps what we found was too much for us mortals to comprehend. We're returning to dispose of the remains the good Servitor had been working with before we continue on to the laboratory. There, the lord will evaluate if this pet project will continue, or be extinguished. After all, there are other founts of knowledge one could be pursuing. Still, atleast one good thing has come from this.

(Attached are two blue prints.
* Human sized gauss rifle
* Personal Deflector shield )

Research Data

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