Business Dealings

Contents of file:

Multiple ledgers detailing various transfers (see: Laundering) of money through many of house Hrothgar's holdings. A careful eye reveals that through each transaction, 2-5% is skimmed off. In total, it appears about 30-40% of Hrothgar's liquid assets are earned/maintained this way.

Files on several key members of the sydicate:

Harold Thym
Fiona Pearl
Roland Verth
Catalina Merse

Appears to include various amount of dirt on each person and also includes details about their "legitimate" lives within the imperium. It appears they hold various ranks within the imperium military. Additionally, Catalina appears to be the head of the syndicate, as well as an Inquisitor.


Several locations (including on on Vesche's homeworld) and attached maps, persumably places of the Syndicates power.

Business Dealings

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