Port Revery

Location: Warp Wilds, near Conacid
Alignment: Semi-lawful, Non-imperium
Security: Medium, Conacid Government


A major hub off the mining planet of Conacid, raw minerals, labor and more moves through the port with regularity. As such, the house of Hrothgar is one of the groups who set up casinos on the station. Workers escaping their hum-drum lives, and long drive haulers looking for a break have provided a steady stream of income, that the government of Conacid did not allow to go unnoticed for long. Operating as a very loose governing body, the administration of the Conacid station are more worried about lining their pockets than keeping people safe. As such, several powerful people who keep the right pockets lined end up running the station. And a few bucks makes sure none of the "security" interferes in any affairs.

Notable Individuals:

Port Revery

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