Nelvar Tullg

Port Revery's Dock Controller


Age: 51
Race: Kroot
Disposition: Friendly
Status: Alive
Loyalties: His business


As a Kroot, Nelvar generally starts with some enmity already existing in any negotiation. Luckily, his wheeling and dealing ways, along with a storied reputation have earned him the respect of much of Port Revery. It also helps that he keeps the administration well supplied with “Docking fees” and the Ogrin guards he keeps help quell the riff-raff.

Nothing moves in or out of Port Revery, and no ship docks without passing under Nelvar’s scrutiny. While the movement of… less legal merchandise beneath his watch is well known, at many times and for many an enterprising trader it can be a boon. For the right price.

While the head of house Hrothgar was never overly fond of the man and his practices, the two always had a mutually beneficial relationship.

Now joint owner of the dry-docks for Port Revery with House Hrothgar.

Nelvar Tullg

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