O Father, wherefore art thou!?


3 Years. For three years now, the head of house Hrothgar has been missing, leaving his ship, his family and his fortunes behind. His rival houses have tried to rise up and sieze upon his disappearance… or perhaps it was they who orchestrated it from the beginning? Either way, his son will find the answers!

He has refused to sit idly by while the fortunes and holdings of his noble house have waned. Taking it upon himself to seize a warrant of trade, and right the ship of his destiny, the young Rogue Trader has set out to reclaim his family's honor; Their Fortune; Their GLORY! Tremble, all who would stand in his way!


Welcome to the campaign!


This is the site I intend to use for planning and managing the campaign. Over the course of the next few weeks I'll be fleshing out the "fluff" surrounding the setting, get your characters set up, and linking to some handy resources.

Once we get started, I'll use this to catalog the NPC's you meet (if you get bored, feel free to make a couple for the fun of it) and do some adventure log entries from various character's points of view and/or to help document/summarize your travels, so if you miss something, you can see what happened.

Lastly, I'll use the wiki to store "important documents" or notes about places/things so you can reference them later.

O Father Where Art Thou?

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